Media Release: Franklin Police Detectives make drug arrest


September 22, 2017


Franklin, Massachusetts – On September 21st, 2017 Franklin Police Detectives placed under arrest Robert Lozzi, age 50, of 208 Glen Meadow Road, Franklin, and Joel Carrasco, age 28, of 107 Harriet Street in Providence, RI.

These arrests were the result of a weeks long investigation which was initiated by citizen’s complaints of drug activity in the Glen Meadow apartment complex. Detectives credit good information, and cooperation of the residents in the community in bringing these two individuals into law enforcement’s focus.

As a result of the investigation and subsequent arrest of these individuals, several bags of a substance believed to be heroin were recovered, as well as cash proceeds. The Franklin Police Department will also seek to file asset forfeiture proceedings against the cash seized, and the vehicle used during this illegal activity.

The following individuals were taken into custody:

                      Joel Carrasco, charged with:

94c/32, Distribution of a Class A substance (heroin)

94c/32, Possession with intent to distribute a Class A substance (heroin)

Robert Lozzi, charged with:

                        94c/34, Possession of a Class A substance (heroin)

        The information contained in this press release does not imply listed individuals have been convicted in a court of valid jurisdiction of the crimes for which they were arrested. All individuals are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty by a court with proper jurisdiction over the matter(s) for which they were arrested.

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