Building & Inspections Department


Picture of Inspector
All the functions of a Building or Inspection Department can really be summarized as a simple seven (7) part process. While the amount of information is sometimes overwhelming and there are hundreds and hundreds of pieces to our work, the overall process is simply seven (7) steps:

The Department

  • Receives information (permit applications, plans, specs, complaints, etc.);
  • Reviews the information for compliance with a legal standard (Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Zoning Codes, etc.);
  • Issues approvals or list of corrections (permits, notice of deficiencies, cease & desist orders, etc.);
  • Inspects in the field for compliance with the approvals;
  • Signs off or issues corrections notices;
  • Stores, and makes available upon request, all of the foregoing as public records, and lastly;
  • Follows the State and Local financial processes for the Department.

Inspection Department

  • Building permits & inspections
  • Electrical permits & inspections
  • Plumbing & gas permits & inspections
  • Zoning by-law administration & enforcement
  • Administrative support for the Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Sealer of Weight & Measures
  • Administrate support for the maintenance of
  1. Municipal Building
  2. Senior Center
  3. Youth Center
  • Fence viewer

Administration & Enforcement of:

  • State Building Code
  • State Electrical Code
  • State Plumbing Code
  • Weight & Measures rules and regulations
  • Franklin Zoning By-laws
  • Maintenance of Town owned Buildings
  • Laws regarding fences

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lloyd "Gus" Brown Building Commissioner 508-520-4926
Stephen O'Neill Local Building Inspector 508-520-4926
Bernard Mullaney Inspector of Wires 508-520-4926
James Loughlin Assistant to the Inspector of Wires 508-520-4926
Jennifer Sweet Assistant to the Inspector of Wires 508-520-4926
Richard Cornetta Inspector of Plumbing and Gas 508-520-4926
James Coakley Assistant to the Plumbing and Gas Inspector 508-520-4926
Judy Demers Administrative Assistant 508-520-4926
Gus Brown Sealer of Weights & Measures 508-520-4926
Casey Thayer ZBA Administrator 508-520-4926
Jack Giancola Assistant to the Plumbing and Gas Inspector