Departmental Programs

Financial Analysis and Reporting - the department provides financial oversight for all town transactions (receipts, expenditures, abatements, commitments), to include all municipal and school departments; responsible for maintaining the fixed asset ledger for the town.  Assist in preparation of Towns financial forecast. Reconcile all town receivables and cash accounts.  Maintain computerized general ledger. Complete all statutory reporting requirements.  Compile and submit SBA information and expenditures for SBA audit of school projects for Department of Education.

Budget Preparation - the department assists in the development and presentation of the town's budget; is responsible for recording and monitoring the town's operating and capital budgets.   Responsible for the compilation of the Town Budget books for Finance Committee, Town Council and financial officials.  Provide town departments with monthly budget and encumbrance status reports.

Accounts Payable/Payroll - the department processes all payments for all town invoices and administers the payroll functions. Reconcile all payroll withholdings to the monthly health, life, dental insurance invoices.

Purchasing - the department has broad oversight over the procurement functions.

Audit - the department coordinates the town's annual audit as required by Massachusetts General Law. Provide audit firm with comprehensive balance sheet and financial statements. Assist Town Administrator in the development of the Management Discussion and Analysis section of the audit as required under GASB 34.