Conservation Signoff for Building Permits

The Conservation and Building Departments work together to make sure that work proposed under a building permit does not also need Conservation authorization.
A building permit application is submitted to the Building Department Staff but before it can be issued, it must be signed by other Departments that may have an interest in the project (i.e. The Treasurer Collector, DPW, Fire Department and Conservation).
The Conservation Department wants to be sure that the proposed work is not within 100 feet of a wetland (bordering or isolated) and/or 200 feet from a perennial stream (a stream that flows year around). If it is, then a permit will have to be granted by the Franklin Conservation Commission before work can begin.
In order to make this determination Conservation Staff will first check the Franklin GIS Database (geographic information system).  If there are no wetlands or streams shown within jurisdictional limits, then the building permit can be signed by the Conservation Agent or the Conservation Secretary.
If there is a question or other evidence, the Conservation Agent may require that Applicant have the wetland resource area delineated by professional wetland scientist or botanist.  The wetland flags should be depicted on a plan showing the distance from the proposed work to the wetland line or riverfront area.  A list of consultants may be obtained from the Conservation Department or from the Conservation website.
If the plan shows that the proposed work is outside of Conservation Jurisdiction, then either the Conservation Agent or the Conservation Secretary may sign the building permit.  If on the other hand, the proposed work is within Conservation Jurisdiction then authorization will need to be granted before the Conservation Agent or the Conservation Secretary can sign the building permit. Authorization may take the form of:
  • Minor Buffer Zone Activity, or
  • Request for Determination of Applicability, or
  • Notice of Intent
Forms and instructions are available from the Conservation Staff:
Kathy Celorier, Conservation Secretary, or
Jennifer Delmore, Conservation Agent