The Companion Caregiver Program is designed to provide a regular break (respite) for caregivers of elders, aged 60 and over. Care recipients with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, a related dementia, or a significant chronic medical condition may be eligible for the program. This in-home respite service is provided by a trained companion employed by the Franklin Senior Center. The program provides socialization and stimulation for the care recipient through activities developed for that individual, based on his or her interests and abilities.  Just as important, it provides affordable respite for caregivers.

Eligibility for Services Companion Caregivers criteria for eligible households are as follows: 

The Care Recipient must be a Franklin (aged 60 and over) with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, a related  dementia, or a significant  chronic medical condition. 

Scheduling & Cost Companion Caregivers rates and schedule are noted below: 
♦ Private Pay households at $12 per hour, for a two-hour minimum.
♦ Discounted Rate households at $10 per hour, for a two-hour minimum; a means test is required.
♦ Services are offered Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Weekends on a limited basis.
♦ There is a 2-hour minimum for weekly service.

Service Provision ♦ Meal or snack served. ♦ Conversation, reading, writing, playing cards or games. ♦ No homemaking, personal care or lifting is permitted.
Companion Training/Screening ♦ Criminal records screening ♦ CPR & First Aid ♦ Confidentiality & Privacy Regulations ♦ Cultural Competency ♦ Home Safety, Fall Prevention ♦ Recognition of abuse, neglect  ♦ Dementia care.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from the MetroWest Health Foundation.  Funding has also been provided by the Executive Of fice of Elder Affairs, the Friends of Franklin Elders, and the Fletcher Hospital Fund. Many thanks to our generous sponsors for their commitment to this program.

Caring for a loved one is stressful.
Take care of yourself by attending our Caregivers Support Group.
This group is offered on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.