GIS Tools & Map Library

The Town of Franklin produces a variety of maps created by the GIS Department for use by both Town staff and members of the public.  Listed below is a collection of interactive thematic maps, which provide information about a unique topic or theme. 

Many of these maps can also be found in printable format by visiting our Maps - Download and Print page.

To explore our entire mapping collection, visit our online Interactive Map Gallery.

For property information, please visit our online AxisGIS Assessor database.  This website is available to the public and offers an array of parcel data, including property cards, deeds and plans.  When using this application, residents also have access to multiple GIS data layers, including voting precincts, school and zoning districts, trash pickup days, wetlands, FEMA flood areas and multiple layers produced by MassGIS.  

This data is monitored and updated by Franklin's GIS department and CAI Technologies.  For question regarding the use of the website and the available tools (zoom, pan, measuring, graphics editing, printing etc), please see the "Help" link at the bottom of the map.