Service Fee

Biotech Application$600.00
Biotech annual renewal$100.00
Body art, establishment$150.00
Body art operator$  60.00
Bottling$  75.00
Children's Camps$100.00
Chapter 21E site assessment$100.00
Cleaners/Laundromat$  30.00
Disposal of garbage$  65.00
Food service establishment: 
1-49 seats$200.00
     50 plus seats$250.00
Frozen desserts$  60.00
Funeral director$  25.00
Grocery store greater than 10,000 square feet$300.00
Infectious waste disposal$  50.00
Keeping of animals permit$  35.00
Manicure establishment$150.00
Mobile food vehicle$100.00
Outdoor wood burning boiler$100.00
Perc testing/soil testing$250.00
       Septic plan review/inspections: 


             Pump system, additional$100.00
    Innovative/alternative system: 
             Retaining wall, additional$  50.00
    Design plan revision 1st, subsequent revision: 
             Repair$  75.00
    Septic system inspections (N/C 1st 3) 
             Repair$  50.00

$400.00 Base fee, plus $25.00 per 1,000 gallons plus an

additional $150.00 for pump system, I/A system

Private well$125.00
Retail food establishment$100.00
Recycling permit$100.00
Septic hauler$  65.00
Septic minor repair$  75.00
Septic system installer$150.00
Splash pad$  50.00
Stable permit$  50.00
Swimming pool/spa$  50.00
Tanning establishment$150.00
Temporary food event$  50.00
Tobacco products sale permit$150.00
Trench$  25.00