Public Disclosure of the new FY 2022 Real and Personal Property Valuations - PENDING PRELIMINARY CERTIFICATION

Please see the following notice from the Board of Assessors:

The Town of Franklin has completed a revaluation as required by the Department of Revenue and has received permission to disclose the proposed values pending preliminary certification from the DOR.  The Fiscal Year 2022 values are based on the value of property as of January 1, 2021 and were developed analyzing Calendar Year 2020 sales and also income and expense information received for apartment, commercial and industrial properties.  The analysis by the Assessors’ Department indicates that over the prior year assessments, single family properties increased in value by about 8%, residential condominiums increased by about 7%, residential vacant land stayed about the same overall, apartments increased by about 22%, commercial property increased by about 11% and industrial property increased by about 10%.

These are preliminary statistical averages.  Some properties increased in value, some properties remained essentially the same in value and some properties decreased in value.  Some properties have a substantial increase in value due to additions and/or renovations to the property or due to corrections in the property data descriptions resulting from a review, a re-measure and/or a re-inspection in the course of our town-wide cyclical review and revaluation programs.

From November 17, 2021 to November 23, 2021 real and personal property values are available for review at the Franklin Municipal Building during normal business hours from 8 AM to 4 PM on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 8 AM to 6 PM on Wednesday, and 8 AM to 1 PM on Friday.  A listing alphabetically by street address is available.  Real property values by Location, Owner or Parcel ID are available on the Town’s website at under Departments, then Board of Assessors and then select FY 2022 Proposed Real Estate Assessments.

Any taxpayer who is concerned with the accuracy of the valuation of their property should contact the staff at the Assessors’ Office at the Franklin Municipal Building (508) 520-4920. Remember in accordance with Massachusetts General Law that these assessed values represent property values as of January 1, 2021 based primarily on Calendar Year 2020 actual market data and not the current or any projected future property market indicators.

At the end of the public disclosure period, we will request final certification of the FY 2022 revaluation assessment program from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Please note that this is pending Preliminary Certification from the DOR.

For additional information on the FY 2022 Revaluation please click here.