Mission / Values / Vision

Franklin Police Badge

Mission Statement

The mission of the Franklin Police Department is to work collaboratively in partnership with our community to enhance the quality of life in our town, while maintaining order and protecting the people we serve. We will accomplish this mission by providing high quality law enforcement service, doing so with professionalism, honor and integrity.

Our Values

The Franklin Police Department exists to serve our community. We will respond to the needs of our community enthusiastically and professionally. Central to our mission are the values that direct our everyday work and decisions, they assist us to contribute to an enhanced quality of life for the residents of Franklin.


• We care about the people and the community we serve.

• We are proud of the Department and the quality services we provide.

• We recognize the importance of all Department members and treat each other with fairness, loyalty, and respect.


• We obey the law and respect the human dignity of all people.

• We are committed to honesty and ethical behavior in all our actions.

• We accept individual responsibility and accountability for our actions and decisions.


• We strive to inspire, influence and support those in our organization and throughout the community.

• We believe leadership permeates the entire organization. We expect all members of the department to take initiative, seize leadership opportunities and solve problems.

• We lead by example by being positive and enthusiastic in everything we do.


• We are dedicated to protecting the rights of all people.

• We believe all people deserve impartial and effective services from the Department.

• We are committed to fairness, strength, respect, and compassion in our interactions with the people we serve.


• We are accountable to each other and to those we serve.

• We communicate openly and honestly among ourselves and with the community. We acknowledge our mistakes and are open to constructive criticism.

• We understand the importance of community expectations and are responsive to community concerns.


• We are committed to excellence in the service we provide.

• We are committed to excellence in the community we serve. 

• We are committed to excellence in our personal performance and professionalism.

Vision Statement

It is the vision and goal of the Franklin Police Department to perpetuate a strong work ethic that fosters pride in ourselves and in our department. We will be a model agency prepared to meet future challenges and will continue to grow and adapt to our ever changing community by providing the highest level of service and protection to our citizens.

We will accomplish this goal by providing our employees with the tools, training and knowledge to meet and exceed all present and future needs of the Town of Franklin within the scope of law enforcement services.

We will continuously work in collaboration with the community to identify and address those areas requiring improvement. We will strive to adapt thus ensuring we continue to provide the level of service deserved by the community we serve.