Recreation COVID-19 News

8/5 Update:  The new street hockey rink/ basketball court is completed at the Fletcher Field complex! The FHS baseball netting project has also been completed! Be sure to check out these great addition to our recreation facilities!  Programming for later summer and fall is available for registration online! Find out more about our offerings on our website.

7/8/ Update:  The Town of Franklin had 138 total COVID positive cases and now has 0 (ZERO) active cases.  This is terrific news and we all should be proud of the efforts our community has made.  We are now in Phase 3 and competition can begin for Low and Moderate risk activities.  Check the website for further information.  Summer camp, sports camps and many recreation programs will begin on July 13th with restrictions.

6/8 Update:  All playgrounds are now open.  However, they will not be sanitized, so use coutiously at your own risk.  Gates with locks and signage will be removed Tuesday morning.

6/2 Update:  Recreation Department will be running 6 week Summer Camp program starting July 13-August 21. Summer brochure will be released by June 15 which will include, field hockey, NFL Flag Football and all of our programs for July 13 and beyond.  Stay safe everyone, we'll be back soon. See our COVID-19 Summer Camp FAQs.

5/29 Update:  On Monday, June 1, the Recreation Dept will be hosting a zoom meeting to discuss phase 2 approach to bringing back youth sports with all Franklin Youth Sports presidents and Recreation Advisory Board members.

5/28 Update:  As of now, the Recreation dept is planning to run summer camp beginning on July 6th, pending meeting to discuss with all School and Town officials on 6/1.  There will be no field trips, groups will be limited to 5:1 ratio and extreme safety measures will be in place.  More information to come next week.  

5/25 Update:  All Town and School playing fields, courts, open space are now open with restrictions.  Playgrounds are still closed until further notice.  See Town Administrator, Jamie Hellen's memo 

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On April 21, the Recreation Advisory Board and Director of Recreation will discuss the spring sports season through a virtual meeting.  An official decision should be announced on April 27th with the assistance of all youth sports presidents.

Hello Franklin! We have created a Trails & Walking Paths site to serve as a resource to our community. During these unprecedented times, it is important to get outside & de-stress, while practicing social distancing! We hope you find it useful. Be well! 

Trails in Franklin

Please practice social distancing and avoid groups.

The Franklin Recreation Department is hosting the following challenges and contests to ALL residents during this stay at home quarantine. PRIZES will be awarded to the top winners and all winning videos and/or photographs will be posted on our website and social media. **REMEMBER these contests are to be done following the guidelines of social distancing. They are not to be done with a group of friends.**