Rain Barrels

What is a Rain Barrel?

Rain barrels (generally made out of a 55 gallon food-grade barrel) collect the water that runs off of the rooftops of buildings typically by way of a gutter or downspout.  The water collected is ideal for watering garden or lawns, as well as other household chores such as washing cars or windows.

Why Use a Rain Barrel?

Rain barrels are a great tool to conserve water and reduce stormwater runoff.  During the summer months, outdoor tasks such as watering lawns and gardens typically make up about 40% of household water use. With seasonal droughts, restrictions and bans on lawn watering, and the increasing cost of water, it makes sense to use rain water instead of municipal water for outdoor uses as it results in significant cost savings for residents. Unless it is collected, rain water runs off impervious surfaces, such as roofs and pavement, gathering pollutants which often end up in local streams, rivers, pond, lakes and marine waters. Keeping and using rain water on your property helps reduce pollution, erosion and improves local watershed health.  For additional information on the benefits of rain barrels, check out the MassDEP website.

Interested in Purchasing a Rain Barrel?

Stay tuned for information regarding the Spring 2023 program!

Questions regarding the rain barrel program can be emailed to Kate Sjoberg at ksjoberg@franklinma.gov.

For several years the Franklin DPW has partnered with The Great American Rain Barrel Company to offer residents rain barrels at a discounted price.  The DPW typically offers discounted barrels each spring and fall; check the community programs page to see if a program is currently open in Franklin!  The purchase of a rain barrel also qualifies you for a $50 water conservation rebate (minimum capacity of 50 gallons).  

Interested in a rain barrel, but you've just missed the deadline for ordering?  Not a problem!  The Great American Rain Barrel offers rain barrels for purchase all year and our water conservation rebates are valid toward any qualifying rain barrel (see the rain barrel rebate form for details)!

photo of a rain barrel next to a house with a landscaped lawn.