Town Budget

The purpose of this website is to provide a one-stop shop for helpful information on the Town Budget.  This page will continue to evolve and be updated with information on the Town's operating and capital budgets.  Over time, this site will become an archive of information relative to the Town Budget. 

If you have questions or comments, please contact the Town Administrator, Jamie Hellen, at 508-553-4887 or [email protected] 

Budget Process

The Town has developed a flow chart of the budget process, which reflects state law and the Franklin Home Rule Charter.  This flow chart gives the general process for the year and the big picture. Specific dates change every year, but rarely go outside of the timeline provided in this chart. 

Click here for the Budget Process Flow Chart. 

Current Climate

The following section has some helpful resources to explain the current fiscal climate. 

FY2021 Budget Materials

FY2020 Budget Materials 

2018 Risk Assessment Report 

Town Budget Archives

The town has "two budgets."  The Operating Budget is for the town's operating costs (e.g. staff wages, general maintanence, general operations, etc) and the Capital Budget, or one-time purchases (vehicles, new buildings, playgrounds, etc.).  See the Town's Fiscal Policies for more information on how funds are appropriated. 

Operating Budgets

Capital Budgets

Town Administrator's Five Year Fiscal Forecasts

Budget Narratives 

Legislative Correspondence

Audits & Bond Ratings 

The Town performs an annual financial audit, an archive of which can be seen below. 


Bond Ratings

Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB)

Like every other city or town in Massachusetts and the state, the Town has a large unfunded liability known as "OPEB".  Beginning in 2018, an actuarial will need to be completed each year showing the Town's unfunded liability.  See previous actuarials here:

OPEB Actuarials

Other Resources:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has many helpful resources to help educate and inform the public of the complex web of laws governing cities and towns on municipal finance.  See the links below to get more information on topics of interest.

Division of Local Services Website (DLS)

Proposition 2 1/2 Primer & Tutorial

DLS Municipal Finance Glossary

DLS Municipal Finance Trend Dashboard

It is also important to note the state budget process does not usually get finanlized until after our local budget is approved. The Town has its own internal process to predict future revenues appropriated by the state budget and communicates with its legislative delegation and state agencies to develop accurate numbers. The Town budgets the Governor's proposed budget in January and we follow the state budget process througout the budget the most accurate numbers.  For more on the state budget process, see their webpage here

Email Notifications

The Town has set up numerous email notification lists for residents to get news and information to their email inbox.  Included in the menu of options are Town Council Agendas.  If you wish to receive the Town Council agendas and the Actions Taken documents, which tallies all roll call votes, please visit our email notification website here. You can also sign up for Job Opportunities, Recreation Departmet Signups and much more.