FY2021 Budget Materials

Town Administrators Recommended FY21 Budget Materials

FY21 Legislative Letter sent by Town Administrator Jamie Hellen and Superintendent of Schools Sara Ahern 

FY21 Legislative Letter - Heroes Act

FY21 Town Administrator Budget Message (per Town Charter Section 6-4-1)

Appendix A1 Town Administrator Recommended Budget Voting Document & Budget Book (per Town Charter prevision 6-5-1 and 6-5-2)

Appendix B1- Franklin School Committee Recommended FY21 Budget Executive Summary

Appendix B2 - Franklin School Committee Recommended FY21 Budget (Dated 5/8/20)

Appendix C1- Historic Data: Budget Breakdown

Appendix C2 - Historic Data: Operating Revenue

Appendix C3 - Historic Data: Fixed Cost

Appendix C4 - Historic Data: Local Aid

Appendix C5 - Historic Data: Local Receipts

Appendix C6 - Historic Data: Assessments

Appendix C7 - Historic Data: New Growth

Appendix C8 - Historic Data: Free Cash Balances

Appendix C9 - Historic Data: FC & RE

Appendix D- DPW Director Brutus Cantoreggi Stormwater Ad-Hoc Committee presentation.

June 4, 2020 - Finance Committee Additional Information

Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation revised state tax revenue forecast (May 14, 2020) shows a $6 billion revenue loss for the Commonwealth in FY21

Finance Committee Meeting Agenda -May 27, 2020

Finance Committee Meeting Agenda- May 28, 2020

Finance Committee Meeting Agenda- June 2, 2020

Finance Committee Meeting Agenda - June 4, 2020

Revised Town Budget Schedule as of 05-18-2020

FY 21 Budget Update as of 05-01-2020

FY 21 Budget Update as of 03-04-2020

FY21 Legislative Priorities Letter