Annual Town Census 2023

Town Census

The Town Census forms are mailed every January to be filled out by the current resident and returned to the Town Clerk. Failure to complete the census may result in being removed from the voter polls.

The Annual Town of Franklin Census has been mailed to all Franklin Residents.  Please verify that the information on the form is correct and/or make any changes to residential information, including name, sex, date of birth, occupation, phone number.  The head of household will sign the form and return it to the Town Clerk’s Office.  Please do not make any changes to your voter registration on this form.  Any new voter registrations or changes to voter registrations need to be done in person, or by mail with the correct paperwork provided by the Town Clerk’s Office or the Secretary of the State’s Elections Division. 

Please return your Annual Census to the Town Clerk’s Office within 10 days of receiving, this can be done in the following ways;

Standard Mail

Hand delivered in person to the Town Clerk’s Office

Email to:

Fax to: (508) 520-4913

If you have any questions, please call or see the Town Clerk at (508) 520-4900.

  • It is the law (M.G.L. chapter 51, Sections 4)
  • It is used to create the annual street list
  • It is used to assist public safety and emergency responders
  • It is used to apply for grants
  • It is used to assist the Town and State in calculating State and Federal aid
  • It is used to project future school enrollment costs
  • It is used to create the voter list – if you are a voter and do not respond, you could be made inactive on the voting list.
  • It serves as proof of residency which residents need to qualify for veteran’s benefits and in-state tuition at state schools
  • Failure of residents to fill out and return census could lead to the state’s losing a representative in Congress as well as Federal funds.
Anyone who does not receive a census form or moves into town after January should contact the Town Clerk’s Office at (508)520-4900 so that we can send you a census form.  
Please remember it is also time to renew your dog license for 2023.  See the attachment below.
Thank you,
Nancy Danello, CMC
Town Clerk
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