Marriage License / Civil Marriage

To obtain a marriage license a person

  • Must be eighteen years old.
  • Provide Picture ID
  • Must file their intentions to marry with the Town Clerk in person (except if one person is in the military or incarcerated).
  • Cost of a license is $25.00. Cash, Check or Charge

The Marriage Intention Form is valid for sixty days and must be filed first with a 3 day waiting periodbefore you may obtain marriage license. The agent (member of the clergy or Justice of the Peace) who performs the ceremony must sign the license in black ink and return it to the issuing city or town.

One Day Solminizer
Must file with the state and provide Original Certiicate to the Town Clerks Office

Civil Marriage Ceremony
May be performed by a Justice of the Peace (city and town clerks are Justices of the Peace). There is a nominal fee.