Water / Sewer Division

The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the town water distribution and sanitary sewer systems.

Currently the Town of Franklin obtains its drinking water from 12 groundwater supply wells. In addition to the 12 water supply wells, the Town operates 8 booster pump stations, 6 water storage tanks, 2,000+ hydrants, 157 miles of water main and approximately 9,000 water services. The Town of Franklin sanitary sewer system is comprised of 137 miles of sewer pipe, 3,400+ manholes and 23 pump stations.  Sewage from the Municipal system is conveyed to the Charles River Pollution Control District in Medway for treatment.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Doug Martin, P.E.(domartin@franklinma.gov) Water and Sewer Superintendent
Jake Standley (jstandley@franklinma.gov) Assistant Water/Sewer Superintendent