hydrant in the snow


Welcome to Franklin's Adopt-A-Hydrant Program! 

The Franklin Department of Public Works has created a program that will give residents the opportunity to help the Fire Department ensure hydrants are clear and visible after a snow storm.This will speed the response time in case of an emergency and alleviate time spent by firefighters searching for and clearing hydrants buried in drifts or plowed snow. Volunteers should clear at least a 3' circle of snow from the area around the hydrant and wear visible and appropriate weather related clothing when clearing snow. Hand shoveling or using a snow blower is the best option for clearing snow from a hydrant, please do not use a snow plow.

Residents and civic groups (Scouts, local youth groups, Franklin High School teams, etc.) can "adopt" a hydrant or hydrants. This is intended to be a commitment for the 2022/2023 snow season and can be applied towards student community service hours.

Please contact us if you know of any hydrants that are located near a resident's house and they are not physically able to clear the hydrant themselves. These hydrants can be delineated as "high priority" and would be highlighted in yellow and available to adopt.

If you have any questions, difficulty selecting and adopting a hydrant, or are a student and would like to adopt a hydrant as part of your community service requirements, please email for more information. 


To Adopt-A-Hydrant, please click here to sign up.