Forms, Variances & Special Permits

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Rights Authorized by Variance Must be Exercised Within 1 Year

If the rights authorized by a variance are not exercised within one year of the date of grant of such variance such rights shall lapse; provided, however, that the permit granting authority in its discrection and upon written application by the grantee of such rights may extend the time for exercise of such rights for a period not to exceed six months; and provided, further, that the application for such extension is filed with such permit granting authority prior to the expiration of such one year period. If the permit granting authority does not grant such extension within thirty days of the date of application there for, and upon the expiration of the original one year period, such rights may be restablished only after notice and a new hearing pursuant to the provisions of this section.

Added by St. 1975, c.808, s. 3; Amended by St.1977, c.829, s.4b; St. 1984, c.195

Special Permits
Zoning ordinances or by-laws shall provide that a special permit granted under this section shall lapse within a specified period of time, not more than two years, which shall not include such time required to pursue or await the determination of an appeal referred thereof, if a substantial use thereof has not sooner commenced except for good cause or in the case of permit for construction, if construction has not begun by such a date except for good cause.