Emergency Operations

Great People Serving a Great Community!

The Franklin Fire Department prides itself on remaining prepared to mitigate the many emergencies they may face on a daily basis. The department currently has 52 full-time personnel, including staff positions of Chief, Deputy Chief, Shift Battalion Chiefs, Captains and Lieutenants, EMS Captain, Firefighter/Paramedics and Firefighter/EMT's. One administrative assistant helps with ambulance billing, record keeping, and administrative functions.

Through the coordinated efforts of the 4 Battalion Chiefs, 4 Captains and 4 Lieutenants, the department's firefighter/paramedics and EMT's stand ready to respond on a twenty-four hour basis.  These line personnel are divided into four shifts and staff the department's two engines, tower ladder truck, two ambulances, and two brush trucks. These apparatus are strategically located at fire stations to maximize the fire, emergency medical, and rescue needs of the citizens they serve.(click for fire station)

Each of the four shifts operate for 24 hours at a time, beginning their shift at 7 AM and working until 7 AM the following day. Each shift is authorized to consists of a Battalion Chief, Lieutenant,  with 5 Firefighter/Paramedic or EMT's at Headquarters with a Captain, and 4 Firefighter/Paramedics or EMT at Station #2.  Each category of personnel has a minimum training requirement based on the Massachusetts Firefighter Certification Program and the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services.   

The Fire Department is experiencing growth as is the Town. To properly meet our mission statement and properly serve our citizens it is essential we remain proactive and endeavor to plan in a strategic manner to insure services grow the needs of the Town.