Stormwater Division


What is Stormwater?
Have you ever wondered where all the water goes when it rains or after the snow melts? Some of it seeps into the ground or evaporates, but much of it runs off over the land or through storm drains and then flows into our streams and ponds. This runoff water is called “stormwater.”

Stormwater picks up litter, sand, bacteria, oil and other chemicals as it flows over the land, and it carries these pollutants to our streams, ponds, and wetlands. Runoff from paved surfaces, such as roads, parking lots, and rooftops, may contribute large amounts of polluted stormwater.
Simply by putting fewer pollutants on the land, stormwater will be cleaner as it flows into our lakes and rivers. Cleaning up stormwater not only benefits your neighborhood and community, it benefits the entire network of water bodies and land that make up our watershed. We all need clean water for drinking, swimming, fishing, boating, and for protecting wildlife.
Keeping stormwater clean is in YOUR BEST INTEREST.
The Town of Franklin is working hard to protect water quality by keeping pollutants out of stormwater. We’re also trying to prevent flooding and erosion by managing stormwater flow. Our community must comply with federal and state stormwater requirements, and we need your help. 
To see a map of Franklin's stormwater outfalls, click here.
For more information about what the Town of Franklin is doing to clean up stormwater, you can visit the Franklin Rain Garden website or contact the Stormwater Hotline: 508-553-5500.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Derek Adams Stormwater & Environmental Affairs Superintendent