Use of Force Data

Use of Force Chart

The Franklin Police Department believes in transparency and open information. To this extent the website will also provide information on documented use of force incidents within the agency. The Franklin Police Department has a Use of Force Policy. Also included in that policy are requirements on specific incidents that require an officer to file a report when force was used.This policy conforms with State and Federal guidelines, and is reviewed annually during weapons training. It is also reviewed or revised when there is a significant Court decision that has direct bearing on the policy.

Franklin Police Use of Force Policy

We will also be publishing information on our own Use of Force data. We pride ourselves on having a group of talented and professional officers. No police department can realistically expect to operate without having to ever use any amount of force. To this extent, based on the number of daily police interactions, calls for service, and custodies, we process every year, we believe these numbers reflect the strong training to include verbal de-escliaition, mental health awareness, and strong community partnerships that help us to work through many incidents and make the use of force unnessessary.