Recycling Center

Aerial View of the Franklin Recycling Center

This information is specific to the Beaver Street Recycling Center, located at 445 Beaver Street.

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday 12-3 (April through November only)
Friday & Saturday 8-3
Sunday 9-1
Please remember that cash is not accepted at the recycling center; payments may be made by check, credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover). *Due to Covid restrictions, the Recycling Center is currently only accepting credit card payments.
Household Hazardous Waste Information - See Below Attachment
For additional information, please visit our Additional Resources page.
Bulk Items NOT accepted at the Recycling Center include: indoor furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, carpet, broken/soiled mattresses, and foam mattresses.
These items can be picked up alongside your curbside service. Call Waste Management @ (800) 972 - 4545 to schedule.