Summer Camp 2024

Franklin Summer Camp 2024

Summer camp

King Street Memorial Park

740 King Street, Franklin MA 02038

Register for summer camp (March 1, 2024)

Welcome to our summer camp page.  This is where we will keep up to date all things summer camp.  We will begin Summer Camp 2024 on June 24, 2024-August 16, 2024.  At this time, we are still finalizing all our field trips and visitors to camp.  However, we please read our summer camp brochure which should explain what you need to know about camp.  If you read this and find you still have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Director of Recreation:  Ryan Jette

Summer Camp Director:  Tim Shannon

Summer Camp Assistant Director: Lily DiGiacomo

Staff Spotlight: Meet the Counselors

Summer Camp NEWS:  Field Trips with locations and departure times from camp to field trip will be announced soon.  We will be conducting interviews for the 2024 season over the next 3 months (Feb-March-April).  As of now, we will be looking for 2 applicants that display great potential for being on a team of camp counselors.  We are excited to welcome back 17 camp counselors from last summer; Director, Tim Shannon, Assistant Director, Lily DiGiacomo, Counselors: Sean Vinson, Ryan Angermeier, Brigid Gilberti, Liam Halet, Derek Terwilliger, Tim O'Keefe, Ben Zia, Kyle Palmieri, Brendan Grace, Joey Simone, Norah MacCallum , Savannah Nosek, Katie Jones, Zach Turner and Jase Dimatteo.  We wish our counselors (Kendall Jones) from last summer the best.  Our LIT's (Leaders in Training) in 2023 were:  Cali Lisker, Thomas Rovani, Matt Pellecchia, and Dylan Parmenter

This Spring, our staff will begin training with CPR and AED online training and working with Franklin Fire Dept.  Orientation will be held in June and we look forward to the start of camp on June 24th.